After Winter Inspection

Winter is finally over! It is time to walk around the exterior of your home or property for inspection. Cold temperatures, snow, salt, and dirt mixing and melting together is never good news. Getting on top of these small nuisances will save you a huge headache in the long run and money. Here are some suggestions to look at when you walk around your home and inspect your property. 

Look at your walls and see if there are any cracks along the wall. Small cracks or chips in the wall are easy fixes, but if left alone, the water can seep through and cause a larger opening or penetrate through the interior surface. This can invite small critters to nestle into their new home.

Examine the caulking around the doors and windows. If the seam is broken, it means the caulking needs replacing. Water can run through to the inside walls and can cause humidity or mold to build up. Also, this can cause a draft and increase the heating cost of the place.

As you are walking around the place, examine the foundation, see if there are any cracks in the cement, rotting wood, or crumbling mortar from the bricks. Finally, take a look at your deck, if there is separation of the membrane seams, bubbles forming underneath the coating, tears or dis coloration.

Above are a few examples of things to examine. Send us your pictures from your home inspection.