Next Level Caulking LTD provides a full range of commercial and residential caulking services in the Greater Vancouver Area. We are well known in the community for quality work, reliability, work safety practices, and accountability.

Our experience covers applications of caulking (exterior and interior), sealant, control and expansion joints, fire stop,  concrete repair, pedestrian and vehicle grade deck coating. Our staff is trained and able to work in swing stage, bosun chair and ariel lifts.

Next Level Caulking LTD. is licensed and insured. We handle new construction, renovations, repairs to existing buildings and team up with many local construction companies, general contractors, engineers, and property management companies. We are able to read blueprints to provide a quote and free site visits.

Leo Aktas, in Ephesus- Turkey

Leo Aktas, in Ephesus- Turkey

Our company goal is to execute each project on time, exceed expectations, promote work safety, expand the growth of our company to provide working opportunities for others and invest back in our communities. 


Leo Aktas, Owner, is another successful example of living the Dream of Opportunity in Canada. He came to Canada to find better opportunities and to build new roots in Vancouver, British Columbia. He started his professional career as a level entry construction worker. Over the years, his eagerness to learn and to not taking opportunities for granted has provided him 20 years of working experience. He found his specialty with caulking and sealant. Grateful for excellent mentors along the way, he has been growing his company ever since.

Leo is known in the community for his dedication, accountability, experience, honesty and kindness with his team and clients. His leadership and execution ensures each project is completed on time and with full satisfaction, which is one of the top reasons clients always prefer his team.


Be on the Next Level with Us!

Serving Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland one bead at a time.

We take pride in working with the best products to ensure each application meets industry standards. We take our service to the Next Level by being meticulous, client-oriented, work safe and deliver quality satisfaction on time! Our depth of understanding industry standards and execution has grown our reputation and demand with professionals.